Rescue course 1 – climbing

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General information

Rescue course 1 is a one to two day course for you who want to learn how to help your friend who is climbing after you. So the focus is mostly on helping, assisting and rescuing your "other man", celebrating with the injured and being able to lift your friend up to the stand.

We who run the courses are authorized instructors through the Swedish Climbing Association and all courses follow the Swedish Climbing Association's standards.
Pontus Frank is the main instructor and has many years of experience as an instructor. With great passion, he teaches you what you need to know for your next adventure.

Course content
General information about the rescue work, priorities, alarms, etc
Escape the system
Excitement of the other man
Firing and counterweight firing
Celebrate past knot
Ev. Multiple flight with damaged.

More information about the content is available here, at the Swedish Climbing Association: Link

Length of the course
Two days, about 7-8 hours per day. We always try to make it so it's two days in a row.
With good prior knowledge and in dialogue with the participants, we can run the course in one day.

Previous knowledge
Corresponding basic course cut.

If we keep the course around Luleå, we are usually at Falkberget in Öjebyn and at Åberget/Åbergfortet in Boden.
We can also be at Dödlarsberget outside Älvsbyn.
When registering for the course, you will receive more information about where we meet.

You can borrow the equipment you need from us, but if you have your own equipment, we would like you to use it, so you will be comfortable with what you have. Regardless, we have different equipment with us that you can try out. But your own harness, rope brake, climbing shoes are fine if you have them.
Everyone on the course must wear a helmet when necessary, we have it for you if you don't have one. After the course, you can order climbing equipment through us at a good package price.

SEK 2000-2700/person depending on the number of days for the course.
Minimum two and maximum four people per instructor. Sometimes we have an assistant instructor with us and then we can increase to 6 participants.


Before the start of the course, you must be a member of a climbing club affiliated to the Swedish Climbing Association, e.g. Luleå Klätterklubb. Then you have insurance through the club.
Link to the club here

Explore Luleå has the right to cancel the course or move the date forward if there are too few participants or if the weather is too bad. If the course is cancelled, the participant receives 100% of the course fee back.

A mailing about equipment and practical information comes when registering for the course.

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