Luleå Basecamp - rent a Tipi tent

Perfect for events, companies, weddings and parties. Tipi tents provide a genuine feeling of nature, quality and a high coziness factor.

We have three different sizes depending on the size of the group and the type of event you are having.

We are happy to arrange activities around the tents as well, we have a large selection of good activities for both small and large groups.

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Our tipi tents

Accommodates 10 seated comfortably at table.

Zirkonflex tipi tent

Versatile, spacious tent cabin with expansion wedges that allow the sides of the tent to be folded up and the possibility of creating a covered surface of 50 square meters.
Base camp
50 seated comfortably at tables

Stratus 72 tipi tent

The Stratus 72 is the largest and most flexible tent from the tentipi event series.
The tent is weatherproof and can be adapted precisely to the prevailing weather conditions. Something that allows you as a visitor to feel comfortable and stay at your event, regardless of the weather.

Base camp
A nice feature to have!

The hat

Plenty of space for cooking and socializing

Base camp

Get in touch about your event! Book your tipi tent now

All the tents can of course be used in both summer and winter and we will help you find a good place if you don't have your own.

So far we have organized events with Red bull, Schaatsen (Holland's ice skating competition), company dinners, parties and exhibitions at the market.

Snowmobile safari with Artic dining

Welcome on a scooter tour that takes you both through the forest and out on the ice! Lunch is prepared over an open fire.