The challenge

Do you want to challenge your colleagues, friends or perhaps your family to something cool, clever and challenging? Look here!
SEK 350/person for 1.5 hours (If you are a company, VAT is added. Minimum booking is for 10 people)
Price: SEK 350/person for 1.5 hours (If you are a company, VAT is added. Minimum booking is for 10 people)Time consumption: Send a request for this activity. Between 1-3 hours.Group size: 8-100 people. If there are more of you, send a request anyway.Place:

If you have a premises/place to be at, we can come to you. Otherwise, we will solve it.

Can be done both outside and inside:
You choose the time for the activity!

You choose outside or inside!

You choose how physical the challenges should be!

General information

"The challenge" is for those of you who want an activity where you are constantly doing something without breaking out in a sweat or needing any special equipment or clothing

We have a large selection of challenges that we put together. But first we listen to how you want the activity and what type of group you are. Within 1-2 hours we usually manage around 14 challenges.
The goal is that as many challenges as possible must have been completed in a set time, the team that has managed to complete the most challenges when the time is up has won and simply gets to be a little more cheeky for the rest of that day!

We can arrange coffee and food as an extra option. If we are outside, we are happy to arrange a meal over an open fire.

If you want the winning team to receive a prize, you can arrange it yourself or through us.

Explore Luleå brings all the necessary equipment. If we are outside, you can dress according to the weather.

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