Måttsundsberget has a very nice nature to hike around with snowshoes. Very untouched snow waiting for us with varied nature. There are both sparse and dense forests, a woodland lake and a ski slope and as we walk around in these areas we will most likely not see other people, but hopefully a moose, reindeer and other animals. 

A regular walk involves about 4 hours including lunch over an open fire in nature. During the walk you will learn about outdoor life and our relation to nature for us who live in northern Sweden(Swedish Lapland). We teach you how to dress when we are out in very cold temperatures and doing an exhausting activity and how we make fire in nature when there are snow and many degrees of minus. We will be sure to see traces of the animals as well.
Snow shoes are a very good tool for getting out in untouched nature!

During this snowshoe hike, we want you to:

  • Enjoy our nature
  • You will learn as much as possible
  • You will have a nice meal out in the nature

Just tell if you want to put together your own idea of snowshoe walking, we are open to suggestions.