Multisportvecka i Swedish Lapland

Welcome to Luleå and Swedish Lapland!

During the winter Explore Luleå arranges some weeks with multi sports! We then arrange snowmobiling expeditions, ice-skating, Ice kick tours with wilderness knowledge, dog sledding as well as fatbike-cycling and ice fishing. These are activities we love and so will you!
This concept suits anyone with a bit of lust for adventures without having any prior knowledge or previous experience.
You can see in the calendar and also here to the right when the multi sports week is taking place.

Duration: 4 activity days + travel days.
Equipment: We provide all equipment needed for the activities. You need to bring suitable clothing. More info about it further down.
Food: All food and fika needed during the activity days are included (breakfast, lunch, dinner and some extra fika). See at the bottom of the page which meals will be served.
Accommodation: You will stay in cozy cabins by First Camp Luleå, a very nice campsite. Read more here.
Accommodation during the multi sports week (4 nights) is included in the price.
Transfer: All transfers to and from the campsite and activities are included.
Guides: All guides who work at the multi sports week are experienced and educated.
Insurance: Explore Luleå has both a travel insurance (travel guarantee) and a liability insurance. You should sign an accident insurance if you do not have one.
Difficulty: Average. You decide yourself how much energy and challenge that suits you in every activity. However, you should be able to be physically active for four days.

Day of arrival:
If you wish to arrive a few days early, feel free, but you then need to book your own accommodation. One transfer between the airport and the campsite is included. Most people choose to arrive one day prior to the start of the multi sports week and we then pick you up at the airport, greet you and provide you with an evening snack as well as a breakfast package. It is required that you arrive one day prior to the start of the multi sports week at the latest. If you require dinner on your day of arrival you need to order that in the booking.

Activity day 1 – Snowmobiling
We will pick you up at the campsite in the morning at 9 am. We will drive out to Måttsund (ca: 10 min) where the snowmobiles are located. Once there you will be briefed on safety procedures as well as instructions for the snowmobiles. From there we will drive directly out on the ice and the archipelago of Luleå.

Map of Måttsund – starting point.
The archipelago of Luleå has many pleasant areas to visit with snowmobiles. There are many suitable rest areas, nice cabins, lighthouses and large areas of snow and ice. Hopefully we will also spot some locals out ice fishing. How far out in the archipelago we can go depends on the thickness of the ice. If the ice conditions are too poor we will instead drive into the forest and follow the snowmobile trails near Måttsund. At suitable places we will have coffee breaks and we also obviously chose a nice location when we prepare the lunch over open fire.
We will have dinner together back at the campsite. We will return to the campsite between 5pm-6pm.
In the evening you have the option to book the newly renovated wood-burning sauna down by the river.

Activity day 2 – Ice-skating and Ice-kick with wilderness knowledge

We will pick you up at the campsite in the morning at 10am. We will drive in to the center of Luleå where we will visit the shop Hägglunds to try out boots and ice-skates. We then walk down to the ice and start ice-skating!
You will get a lesson on how to ride cross-country/touring skates. For those of you who already know how to ride regular skates, cross-country/touring skates won’t be difficult and you can instantly go on your own. You will get access to sticks to assist with your balance and if you find it very difficult with the cross-country/touring skates you will have the option to swap to an Ice-kick right away.
The ice road in Luleå is maintained daily from when it opens for the season and it is great for us to use for ice-skating. We follow the ice road between the north and south harbors, which is a distance of about 3.7km. In total, the ice road is approximately 9km.
Here is a map of the ice road.

On route, we will stop at suitable places for a Swedish fika and to prepare lunch over an open fire. You will all obviously be involved in lighting the fire and preparing the food.
For those of you who would like to try an ice-kick, simply take off your skates and wear the same boots and put on crampons that make you get a better grip on the ice. We will make this swap approximately half way through the trip. We will make sure there are ice-kicks available and ready for the swap.
During the day, we will also teach you some wilderness tips when suitable situations occur.
We are expected to be back at the campsite between 3pm-4pm. We will then eat dinner together and then you have the evening to enjoy at your leisure. You have the option to book the newly renovated wood-burning sauna down by the river.

Since the middle of the 19th century, the ice-kick has been used as a mode of transport in the villages. It is a type of sled on which you can travel smoothly on both ice and snow. It helps you keep your balance and is easy to turn with. It is still often being used in the villages to assist the children to school.

Activity day 3 – Dog sledding
We will pick you up at the campsite in the morning at 9.30am. From there we will drive out to the dog team, which is circa 40 minutes from the campsite.
This is a guaranteed fantastic experience in its own way. You will be close to the dogs and you will get to drive your own dog sled with your friends in the sled. You will take turns to drive the sled. It is absolutely outstanding to see the dogs go from standing still and barking from excitement to being completely quiet and just drag the sled within a few seconds. It is clear how they love their job.
You will get to learn how the dog sled works and how the people who take care of the dogs live their lives with them.
The dog sledding trip takes about 2 hours and includes a Swedish fika and a guide. The whole activity takes approximately 4 hours.
They have extra warm boots and clothes on site if needed.

After the dog sledding trip, we will go to Gammelstads kyrkby, which is a church village on UNESCO’s world heritage list and a real must see when you are visiting Luleå. You will get to visit the church if it is available and open and you will get to visit a private church cottage that the parents in law of the guide Pontus own. You will also get a guided tour of the church village and then we will obviously have a Swedish fika in the church cottage.
We thereafter head back to the campsite and cook dinner together. We are expected to be back at the campsite between 5pm-6pm. In the evening you have the option to book the newly renovated wood-burning sauna down by the river.

Activity day 4 – Cycling with fat bike and ice fishing
We will pick you up from the camp site at 9.30am. From there we will drive to the centre of Luleå and try the bikes out. The interesting thing about fat bikes is that it works just as well to cycle with them on packed snow as on pedestrian lanes covered by snow. Today’s fat bike trip will go through the town centre where you will get a guided tour before we head out on the ice and cycle along the approximately 7 km long ice road. We will fika and have lunch on the ice.
When you feel done cycling, one of the guides will go and get the equipment for the ice fishing and we will drill a hole in the ice and fish for a while. The length of the tour will depend on how cold it is that day.
A bit outside the south harbor, the fishing conditions are great! See map here.
When you are satisfied with the cycling and ice fishing we will make our way back to the campsite to prepare dinner. After dinner, we will conclude the week and you will have some spare time.






Homebound travel
You can choose when you want to travel back from Luleå. You can either do it on activity day 4 and then sometime after 5pm from Luleå airport or you stay till the next day and travel then. A popular choice amongst some of our guests is to take it easy and have the afternoon free on activity day 4 and instead travel home the following day. You can obviously also choose to stay longer or continue your trip in the Norrbotten-region or the rest of Sweden. It’s up to you!

You account for:
– Flights to and from Luleå airport. Book the flight or another mode of transport for the day prior to the start of the activity week at the latest, you decide what time. Let us know what time you are expected to land and we will pick you up.
– Accommodation apart from the four nights during the actual activity week.
– Alcohol (you are free to purchase alcohol if you want it for the evenings, but if you are drunk or hungover and we believe it would be unsafe for you to participate in the activity you will not be allowed to take part. We do not recommend excessive drinking.)
– Transfer outside the scheduled activity transfers. Additional transfers can be arranged for an extra fee.
– Clothes for the activities.
Tips on clothing and other things for the activities:
– We will provide extra warm clothing for all activities when needed, but you should bring your own thermal clothing, thick wool socks, comfortable activity trousers, thin warm fleece top, thick warm fleece top, winter jacket preferably with down, hat and gloves. The gloves can be either thumb gloves or finger gloves.
If you are struggling to find any of these pieces, let us know when you make your booking and we will assist you.
– Shoes: It’s good if you have your own winter boots, but if not you can rent a pair from us for 400 SEK for the full four days.
– Camera
Attn. You will get a more specific packing list once you book.

We reserve the right to change day for each activity depending on the weather and other factors. If someone in your company doesn’t want to participate in one of the activities, he or she can choose to do something else on that activity day, it may also be possible to change activity. The guest will be liable for any additional costs associated an activity change.