Kayaking trip in the archipelago every week
An example for a kayaking trip in the archipelago

The archipelago of Luleå has 1312 islands and is a very beautiful and varied archipelago. Paddling kayak in Luleå is a fantastic way to feel the closeness to the water, the nature and the calm. The archipelago has many attractions, for example, its bird life, its amazing islands with barbecue areas, cabins and saunas. It also has the great icebreakers in the harbor.

The Ice breaker boats actively drive during the winters to enable trade ships to use the harbors all year around. In Luleå we can see our three biggest ice breaker boats, Atle, Frej and Oden, right by the quayside and you can really appreciate the size as you get closer to them in a kayak. We often visit this quayside on our kayaking trips.

As we paddle on, there are many different beautiful places to choose from as and when we decide to stop to enjoy a fika or a proper meal. The good thing about kayaks is that they fit a lot of things and we will therefore bring all the things we need to have a comfortable day. If you want, you are more than welcome to help light the fire and prepare the food, or maybe just a coffee.

Food tastes the best outdoors

A typical meal can be stir fried vegetables with chicken and coconut milk, or perhaps a pasta salad with chicken. Whatever meal, it will be hearty and organic.

The midnight sun is something very special with our nature up here in the north. It is also light all-day and night for most of the summer. To experience the full midnight sun, you need to get north of the Polar circle, but in Luleå you can also experience very light nights. At the peak of the midnight sun in Luleå, the sun is down for 52 minutes. This means that we will get very pleasant lighting conditions at different times of the day and in the kayak it is a great experience to see this. It’s okay to kayak at night too!

We offer you a kayaking trip in the archipelago of Luleå and we normally start from the center of Luleå. Pretty soon you will feel that you have left the town behind and the grand nature and archipelago open up in front of you. We could also start the trip from another spot if you have a specific place in the archipelago that you want to visit.

An example of how the paddle goes:

Karta över paddeltur

Packing list:
You will need the following for a kayaking trip:
– Preferably bathing shorts or other quick-drying shorts / leisure pants.
– Training shirt or thermals/underwear that is also quick-drying.
– Windbreaker / rain jacket
– Dry, hot change of clothing (Can be packed in a waterproof bag that you can borrow)
– Sandals, wet shoes or casual slippers.
– Sun cream, sunglasses and cap depending on how sensitive you are to the sun.
– Snacks. It’s always good with some extra energy.
– Camera, it’s good if you have your own waterproof bag for it.

If you do not have some of the necessary equipment, please contact us to see if there is a rental option
Explore Luleå will arrange trips with regular times and places throughout the summer. See our calendar. If you want to book your own private trip, please contact us and we will assist you.