Follow us on a fishing trip in the beautiful archipelago of Luleå

In this archipelago the fishing is magnificent. The varied environment caters for many different type of fish. You will get the chance to catch perch, pike, trout, salmon and roach to name a few. We will focus on perch and foremost pike on our fishing trips.

The pike is one of the most appreciated types in sports fishing in Sweden. No wonder, it’s not only very big, but it also often bites and offers a good combat with the fishing rod. The pike in Norrbotten and the archipelago of Luleå are very good and you will have the chance to catch a really big one.

Pike over 100 cm is not uncommon at all.

In the summers it is light 24/7 in Luleå and the pike are often found in shallow waters, especially in the evenings. An evening fishing trips for pike in the archipelago of Luleå under the midnight sun is an activity even appreciated by non-fishing enthusiasts. We will fish in different places such as coves and by reed and we will be using different types of baits.

This is a very exclusive fishing trip catered only for a few people. You will get to fish from the boat with a trained fishing guide who will provide you with all necessary fishing equipment and useful instructions. The fishing guide is very knowledgeable and has fished throughout his life, with meritorious catches such as pikes over 10 kg and 120 cm. We will customize your fishing trip based on your experience and requests. The guide will share his extensive knowledge and experience so that you as a guest can feel that you have developed as a fisherman when the trip is done.

About fishing
We conduct a sustainable sport fishing tourism, which is incredibly important in preserving the resources we have. Sport fishing is classified as fishing by rod and it is important that you as a sportsman take care of nature, fish and other animals. In addition, we must respect other fishermen or people we share the environment with. Do not disturb or destroy. If you want to catch and eat a fish, we will land and cook the fish in place. Otherwise, we will release all the fish we catch, so others will also be able to catch the fish when they are even bigger.

Departure from
The tourist centre in Luleå

1 June – 31 August

Scheduled evening trips of 4 hours starting at 6.30pm

Number of participants
1-2 persons


  • Fishing guide
  • Fishing equipment and boat
  • Lifejackets
  • Rainwear (when raining)
  • Introduction with instructions

Please note
When it is to bad weather
In case of tough weather, we do fish from land instead of the boat and then we go to a well-chosen place. The guide decides this.

We recommend that you bring:
Robust clothing appropriate for the weather
Boots or Wellingtons
Cap / hat and sunglasses

Price (up to 2 persons)

Whole day (8 hours) 4 495:-
Half day (4 hours) 2 995:-

Please, see the schedule for booking