Combat archery tag

Combat Archery Tag in Luleå

It is also known as Archery tag, Combat archery, Archery attack and Combat archery, but in Sweden we call it Combat Archery. We are very happy to be among very few in the country, and the only ones in Luleå, offering this fun experience. It is a similar game to dodgeball, but with bows. The game can be played both indoors and outdoors. The indoors games would be played in gymnasiums around the Norrbotten County. We will either sort out a gymnasium, or come to you with all equipment. Book well in advance since we will be very busy hosting these games, especially at the weekends.

A perfect activity in Luleå for stag/hen parties or just for a group of friends!

Now we have times you can book through our calendar. There are open bookings that make you play against anyone who wants to! There is thus no closed group. Welcome to bring your friend/friends for some action!
It is a special price with this scheduled games. We play outside “Hälsans hus” in Luleå. More information when booking.

1 h 375SEK/person (less than 14 persons), 325SEK/person (more than 14 persons) Attn. Minimum fee 3750SEK
1.5 h 400SEK/person (less than 14 persons), 350SEK/person (more than 14 persons) Attn. Minimum fee 4000SEK
2 h 425SEK/person (less than 14 persons), 375SEK/person (more than 14 persons) Attn. Minimum fee 4250SEK

If you are less then 10 persons, you split on the minimum fee.(Example: 1,5h for 8 persons is 4000/8=500 SEK per person)

About the game

The game starts when all players are standing with one foot on the line and the referee blows the whistle. The players are then allowed to run and get as many arrows as they can.

You always need to have a bow in your hand!

You are not allowed to use your bow to collect more arrows.

If a battle occurs over an arrow, the person holding the foam part of the arrow gets it.

Playing field:
During first minutes of the game, each team plays one its own side of the pitch. If you cross the middle line, you’re out. After a few minutes the referee will blow the whistle again, provided there are still active players left from both teams. After the second whistle you are allowed to use the opponent’s side of the field as well. CAT is always played within a marked out area, if you go outside the marks, you are considered hit.

You are allowed to cross over to the opponent’s side or go outside the marked out area if you are collecting arrows. However, you can get hit once doing it.

Extra lives:
If you get hit you go to the side of the playing field. The cones are the own team’s extra lives. You are never allowed to shoot the cones/extra lives from any distance closer than the middle line. If a team member hits one of the cones, the person who was out first gets to come back into the game. Another way of getting a team member back into the game is to catch an arrow from the other team before it hits the ground. The cones/extra lives are unlimited, so the persons who are out can put the cones back that their team mates shoot down.

When you catch an arrow from the opponents before it lands and you get an extra life, you need to catch it in your hand. No other part of the body counts. If the arrow touches any other parts of your body, you have been hit.

You can be hit anywhere on your body, including your helmet and the hand you’re holding the bow in. The arrows can “kill” you as long as they are in motion. You therefore also need to look out for arrows bouncing on the floor. It is the foam part of the arrow that can “kill” you.

An arrow needs to be shot from a bow to count as a hit. It is not counted if it’s thrown or poked on someone.

The team who firsts “kills” every member of the opponent team wins. It is a clear advantage to keep as many team members as possible in the game. Focus should therefore be on trying to get “killed” members back into the game. The average game takes about 5 mins.