Event both indoors and outdoors

The Challenge

Do you want to challenge your colleagues, friends or maybe your relatives in something cool, tricky and challenging?
“The challenge” is the activity for you who want to experience an activity where you never stand still, but don’t necessarily sweat or need any specific equipment or clothing.


The whole challenge can be performed both indoors and outdoors.

  • You choose the time for the activity!
  • You choose indoor or outdoor
  • You choose how physical the activities should be!


We have a range of challenges that we combine and we will customize the challenge based on feedback from you regarding which type of challenges you would like and what type of group you are. Normally the challenge takes about 1-2 hours and we then have about 14 different activities included.

The purpose of the challenge is to complete different activities within a set period of time and the team that has completed most activities when the time is out has won!

Place: If you have facilities/space we can come to you, otherwise we will arrange a suitable place.
Time: Send us a requested time and we will get back to you.
Equipment: Explore Luleå will bring all necessary equipment. If we are outside for the challenge, please bring suitable clothing.
Food/fika: Can be arranged by us for an extra fee. If we are outside we can happily prepare the food over open fire.
Number of participants: 8-100 persons. If you are more, please send us a request.
Prizes: If you want to award prizes to the winners, you can either arrange them yourself or ask us.
Prices: 325 SEK per person for 1.5 hours. If you are a company, VAT will be added. Minimum booking is 10 persons.