Camp 357

New 2019

Now we are launching our new Escape Game inspired by Escape Rooms

In cool environments, you solve tricky challenges and decode various clues to find the treasure or solve the mystery. An adrenaline-filled and fun activity that requires cunning, teamwork, creativity and communication and that trains you to think outside the box.

You are a group of friends who have long heard the myths and legends about the mysterious camping and now decided to go into the woods for a camping trip. After a day of hiking and canoeing, you all sit around the campfire and tell horror stories. Far into the night you finally manage to fall asleep despite the creepy stories. You wake up in the morning and the nightmares that plagued you during the night have become real…

Inspired by the cool Escape Room trend, we have turned up the volume and put our own touch on the game! You are now warmly welcome to try our Outdoor Escape Game! You will be invited to Camp 357 where you will feel the authentic environment and the story we always want to access at Upzone!

We cooperate with Upzone Adventure Park with this activity.

You will find our cool Camp 357 in Upzone Adventure Park or we will come to you! In an atmospheric and cozy environment, you have an hour to crack codes and solve the clues before you are all beyond rescue. To manage this tricky game requires quick thinking, cunning and teamwork!

Play this fun escape game with your colleagues! You can also challenge each other in “Battle Mode” to see which team is really the best and solve the challenge in the fastest time.

Pack a picnic and a bottle of wine, or barbecue in the park after the game!

  • NOTE: We will cover your eyes and you will be chained (in chains that are easy to get off if needed) during the first part of the game.

  • Note that the game is usually played outdoors. Don’t forget the clothes for the weather!

  • From 12 years

  • Time: 60 min

  • Between 2-35 participants (for more than 7 participants we like to play in BATTLE MODE)

  • It can be played in English.

Net price SEK 2900 up to 7 people, then SEK 200 per person (This is played on site at Upzone Adventure Park at First Camp, the campsite in Luleå, Arcusvägen 110).

If we come to your place:
Net price SEK 3900 up to 10 persons thereafter SEK 290 per person.

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