Bubble football

 Bubble ball

It is also known as Bubble ball, Bubble soccer, Zorbboll, Loopy ball, Bumper ball, Body zorbing, Zorboll and Bumperz and it is a hilarious hybrid football game with full body contact.

Bubble ball is the perfect activity in Luleå for stag/hen parties, company parties or for a group of friends!

How do you play?

Before the game kicks off everyone gets in to an inflated ball which covers the upper body. It is this bubble that adds the little extra and it makes you able to give and receive tackles. The bubble can easily resist any types of tackles or hard bounces. Bubble ball can be played both indoors and outdoors. Most green outdoor areas work for the game.

All games are at your own risk and we are not responsible for any injuries.

We arrange this event in Luleå based on requests, all year around, indoors and outdoors. If you are elsewhere than Luleå and wish to play, that’s also fine, just send a request.

This is a high intensity heart stopping game!

1 h 375SEK/person (less than 14 persons), 325SEK/person (more than 14 persons) Attn. Minimum fee 3750SEK
1.5 h 400SEK/person (less than 14 persons), 350SEK/person (more than 14 persons) Attn. Minimum fee 4000SEK
2 h 425SEK/person (less than 14 persons), 375SEK/person (more than 14 persons) Attn. Minimum fee 4250SEK

If you are less then 10 persons, you split on the minimum fee.(Example: 1,5h for 8 persons is 4000/8=500 SEK per person)