Arctic dining is truly a dinner beyond the usual. We are on the ice or other suitable places and serve this three-course dinner in our big or small Tentipit tent, depending on the size of the group. If you are between 2 to 10 people, we are usually in our smaller tipi tent, made for about 20 people and if you are more than 10 people, we are in the larger tipi tent, made for about 40 people.


2-50 people

3-course dinner or as required

Daytime/evening – you choose!

Sitting on reindeer skins with a crackling fire in the middle.

Suitable activities around the tent can be booked – eg. Ice fishing, snowshoeing, aurora hunt, snowmobile tours, dog sledding etc.

You can also rent the tents for your event, wedding or birthday party.

Please contact us for arrangement and price!


About the tents:
The Tentipi tents originate from both the lavvo and Indian tent, based on the natural way of living close to nature.
The nomadizing Sami who handled their reindeer had a stable, windproof tent that could easily preserve the heat from the fire. The fire also gave light, cozy feeling, and good opportunities to cook and dry their clothes.
The nomadized people could leave the body of wood in the places they came to and build a new one in new places so they just had to bring the canvas to their new place. Because they often returned to the same places and the bodies were often left to use again.
Today, there are many different sizes of tents so we can use them for our needs, from sleeping in them to having big events in there.
Welcome to experience a very nice and genuine feeling inside the tents!