Amazing Race

New since 2019

Now we can present our new team building activity, Amazing Race! In this unique game you take the role of secret agents whose goal is to beat the other groups and find the lost diamond first. But to find it, you must first make a trip around the world wherein six different countries you have to solve several tricky challenges that give you clues that will lead you to where the diamond is hidden.

The challenges you face in the different countries are inspired by Escape Rooms and test both physical and mental ability. To succeed in getting through this game and to have a chance of winning requires quick thinking, communication and above all teamwork as collaboration is crucial to take on the different tasks you will meet! We love working with team building activities and for us it is all about a good challenge together in the team with great joy.

The final winners are the ones who find the diamond first and are rewarded with both the honor and a surprise!

For large groups, the Amazing Race is played in different worlds which also means that more than one team has the chance to find the diamond and be the winner.

We do this game in cooperation with Upzone Adventure Park in Luleå.

  • Between 10-300 participants
  • Time: 1 – 1.5 hours depending on group size and wishes
  • Can be played at us or any place indoors and outdoors
  • Can be played in English
  • Can be divided into several shorter parts during your conference

Net price 3900 SEK up to 10 participants and thereafter SEK 350 per person

Please, contact us on email for your request!