Luleå Icebug race

The greatest Ice obstacle race of the year!

Luleå Icebug race!

The of mars at 12 pm is the start for ladies and gentlemen at “Södra hamn” in Luleå. We do this in cooperation with the popular family day “Luleå on ice”.


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The race and the obstacles:
The race is 6km and goes on the ice, the snow on the ice-walkway and some off the walkway. About 20 obstacles where as many obstacles as possible consists of snow and ice. We will also have some other obstacles of wood and other scaffolding. Everything depends on the snow situation!

The difficulty level on the obstacles is moderate, the vast majority can get through all obstacles and there is a short supplementary round if you can´t do the obstacle.
We focus mostly on a nice feeling of ice where you challenge Icebug’s ability of ice grip!

Everyone over the age of 16 is welcome to attend the race.
We also have a drop in-lane at 1km for all under 16! More info at the bottom.

You can register in a team too! Just do a regular notification, but also fill in your team name. One person can also do the registration for the whole team.
Between 3-5 people is appropriate to be in the team.
Then you compete both individually and in teams. The winning team prize is a surprise from Explore Luleå, presented afterwards!
It is the average time in the team that count.

Prizes Ladies + Gentlemen
1. Optional Icebug shoe with extra soles at Snabbasteg + 1000kr in gift card at Pontus Climbing School (Climbing and Ski Equipment), www.pontusklä
contact for exact supply.
2. Optional Icebug shoe with extra soles at Snabbasteg
3. Optional Icebug shoe with extra soles at Snabbasteg
4-6. A pair of very good Icebug soles at Snabbasteg.

The winning team gets a snowmobile tour with outdoor lunch from Explore Luleå!

Everyone gets a medal at the finish line!

Price for children:
(Everyone gets a medal at the finish line!)
1. A pair of Icebug shoes at fast pace!
2. 400kr in gift cards at Pontus Climbing School, www.pontusklä, contact for an exact offer.
3. 300kr in gift cards at Pontus Climbing School, www.pontusklä, contact for an exact offer.

Timetable and number tags:
Timing will be done professionally by OK Renen. The results will be available on-site and as soon as possible on the website.
The number tags and the timetable will be retrieved the same day, Saturday 3th of March, between 10-11:30.
The children’s obstacle course has drop in-start.

Dressing room:
At the gym “Hermelinen” there is free entrance to the changing rooms for all competitors. Map here.

Equipment and bags:

We recommend that you run the obstacle race in exercise clothes and gloves are a requirement.
Shoes: We recommend Icebug shoes that have steel studs with an incredible grip on snow and ice. All participants have 30% discount at Snabbasteg in Luleå for new shoes. Bring your code you get after your registration.
You can also run with other shoes, but it should have any kind of studs.

We have a bag drop where you get your number tags. We do not replace any theft, but we monitor throughout the race.

Drinks and food(“Fika”):
At the number tags pickup, we sell coffee/tea and hot juice. We also sell hot sausages.

This is a competition for everyone! Not only the “toughest” can handle this race. If you have ice studs and like to use your entire body during exercise, this is the right challenge for you!
We recommend that you primarily train fitness and mobility to this competition!

Drop in- obstacle race for youths/kids(Max: 15 years old)
Open about 10.30-11.45 and 13.30-15.00 on the ice in the southern port.
For all children and youths, we have a shorter obstacle course of about 1 km.
Here you do not need icebug shoes, but regular shoes or boots are going well. Regular winter outfits is okey, but if you want to bet you win, exercise clothes are preferable!
The obstacles consist of skipping, crawling, running through and other fun challenges.

It is free for all the children to do the race!