Welcome to discover Luleå with us!

Luleå is a part of Swedish Lapland and is the northernmost destination in Sweden, spanning from Skellefteå in the south to Kiruna in the north.

Swedish Lapland covers a quarter of the country’s surface. Already 5,000 years ago, people lived here, Sami. Read more about the Sami people here. There are much interesting from their history and also how they lived and live today.

Explore Luleå finds that nature and locals are the most interesting and what touches you the most. We make many fun activities to discover our amazing nature, our cultural and to meet our dear people. Whether you travel on the thick ice with skates, kicks, snowmobiles or dog sledding, it gives you an incredibly nice feeling. Then there is nothing that fits better than sitting down and cooking or boiling our coffee and tea over the open fire or maybe in our nice tipi tent to get some extra warmth.

The thick ice around Luleå extends far out into our archipelago and at the far end, it is packed. It is the ice that has been affected by the wind and the waves that push ice flakes on each other. This pack ice is a fantastic natural phenomenon. In the right conditions, during our snowmobile tours, we can go there and see this.

In addition to these nature experiences, Explore Luleå offers activities for the hen/stag party such as Combat Archery Tag and Bubble Football. There are two really fun games that also suit your friends, family or a kick-off for your colleagues. We play all year round.
We also organize business events where we go to conference facilities for example and run our really fun “Challenge”. It fits groups from 12-100 people. If you are more, we change the concept a little.