Explore Luleå in Swedish Lapland

Explore Luleå

Welcome to experience activities in Luleå! Luleå is the coastal town of Swedish Lapland, which gives you both a really nice winter landscape but also an archipelago with the feeling of long white wings in the winter and bright 24 hours in the summer thanks to the midnight sun. With Explore Luleå you can experience this through a wide range of activities. Our passion for Luleå is close to the varied nature and its simplicity to do an outdoor activity.


Check out our activities - lot's of fun adrenaline kicks for you and your friend, or the entire family or company. Both summer and winter!

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Travel packages

Explore Luleå through our best accommodation and the best activities we have

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Luleå Basecamp

Let us help you with your event in Luleå!
We organize food and activities and create a cozy, nice atmosphere.

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Swedish lapland

Luleå is the heart of northern Sweden! We have the big city amenities and the small-town neighborhood. We also have the feeling of being close to nature and a real winter with white expanses and a summery island city that tops the sun league tables year after year. In Luleå, we have all kind of activities that is typical for Swedish Lapland, both in summer and winter. Please, check the page "activities" to see more!

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